award-winning writer of poetry and prose

Christine’s funny and heartbreaking memoir of infidelity, cancer, colicky twins and the flood in her basement, Blueprint for Daylight, won the 2017 Sara Patton Stipend Award for non-fiction manuscript.

Her experimental poem of loss, “Horses,” won the 2017 Knightville Poetry Contest. Mark Doty, National Book Award winner and contest judge called it, “artfully understated.” The poem will be featured in the 2018 issue of the New Guard. Her essays have appeared in literary magazines including the online journal Woven Tale Press’ Selected Works print issue for, “Confessions of a Make Up Addict,” which Publisher’s Weekly pronounced, “reassuringly honest.”

Christine is also a story-teller, appearing regularly on stage in Boston. “I Hear You Make Cakes,” recorded at Laugh Boston, was selected by The Moth for its national podcast. She lives in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner with her husband and their three sons in an old, demanding farmhouse that needs her.

Christine is an instructor at Westport Writers’ Workshop.