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Live and in-person. . .You!

sponsored by Friends of the Pomfret Library, this three-week workshop is a crash-course in no-notes storytelling.

To adhere to COVID-19 protocols, this workshop will be outside on the deck where your audience will be me, fellow attendees, and lightning bugs. 

For more information or to register, click HERE

summer workshops

Taking a Knee Against Racism

june 12 5:30 

pomfret Green

taking a knee against racism

a peaceful demonstration of poetry & music

readings of inspiration & justice

What Happens When Something Happens

Renovating a Family

I’m honored and delighted that my essay, “Renovating a Family” is a feature on Longreads. The gorgeous illustration is by Missy Chimovitz. 

Women in the News

Well, holy moly.

The Connecticut news site CT By the Numbers has published my essay “Women’s March on Washington: A Self-Portrait”

Previously published in the print-only journal PAGE, it’s now available online. March on. 

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. it was the 80s.

The frozen hair. The hair bands. (Stadium Rock not Goody. OK, those hair bands, too.) The Molly Ringwald movies. Sneaking into a bar underage by carrying a drum set. Ahhh, the 80s. How we miss them. Join me and five other brave souls willing to share pieces of their 80s past, when we knew better, but did stupid stuff anyway.


Special! 80s Reading

at 7 PM

Connecticut Literary Festival

so looking forward to this!

october 5, 2019 10 AM- 6 PM at Real Art Ways

The first annual Connecticut Literary Festival will be a full day for writers & readers, with panel discussions, all-day readings, and a marketplace. I’ll be there wearing two hats: representing PAGE, a Connecticut-based literary magazine where I am a contributing editor and providing information for the Connecticut Poetry Society.

see you there!

Six Connecticut Poets

The accomplishments of these six Connecticut poets are extra-ordinary. I’m thrilled to emcee. Open mic and all donations benefit TEEG. Don’t miss it!

From Here to Caketernity

Live Recording Release

One of my favorite stories to tell-my failed career as a cake baker- has been selected for the Mouth-Off podcast

NOTE: While I was onstage a woman in the front row at the Mark Twain House theater began sinking lower and lower in her seat, covering her face with her hands. After the show, she introduced herself as the owner of a bakery. “That story is my worst nightmare,” she said. Then she offered me a job as a cake decorator. For the safety of cake-eaters everywhere, I turned her down.