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Fairy Tale as a Frame: How to Use This Ancient Tradition in Your Fiction and Non-Fiction

March 23rd 10 AM to 1 PM

Barat House, Manhattanville College, 2900 Purchase Street, Purchase NY 10577


As writers, we want our work to be earth-shatteringly memorable. We want to write the kinds of stories that absorb a reader into a magical world—regardless of genre. Through the enduring popularity of ancient and contemporary fairy tales as well as in-class writing, you’ll learn Christine’s break-it-down craft technique designed for every genre of writing: from memoir to travel writing to graphic novels to the experimental novel. You will pinpoint qualities in your story that move it forward and those that are holding it back. Whether you are crafting the structure of a book, writing short stories, or have notebooks full of stream-of-consciousness writing to organize, this class will help you reach your writing goals—maybe even that castle in the sky.  

fall 2018

westport writers’ workshop

Elements of Craft | 9 Weeks Beginning September 4th  SOLD OUT

Like a baker measuring each ingredient, a writer weighs the elements of craft. Plot, setting, characterization, theme, conflict, point-of-view, and foreshadowing, are the primary elements in most fiction and non-fiction and necessary for strong, successful storytelling.

Every writer, whether new or experienced, continues to weigh and measure the elements of craft for the most artistically satisfying result, and so can you. Join us as we focus in-depth on nine elements, one each week, that will identify narrative weaknesses and give you the ingredients to make your story come out perfect.

I will be using Robert Olmstead’s Elements of the Writing Craft (1997) as well as other texts. I will reach out to attendees prior to the first class with a reading selection and assignment suggestion. Writers will bring in up to five pages double spaced, 12-pt font with enough copies for everyone.

At the end of classes 1-8, I will hand out the recommended reading and writing suggestion for the next week.

This class is suitable for all levels of fiction and non-fiction



spring 2018

westport writers’ workshop

Pushing the Envelope | 8 Weeks Beginning April 3rd

Object of My Affection | Saturday, May 26th

the writer’s hotel conference

Teaching Assistant | June 6-12 |Midtown Manhattan

Lecture: Humor in Poetry| June 7th 1 PM | Starlight Loft at the Roger Smith Hotel

pomfret library

Dreams | April 26th

Love & Heartbreak | May 31st

winter 2018

westport writers’ workshop

Powerful Beginnings: How to Engage Your Reader | January 27th 10 AM- 1 PM SOLD OUT

The Protagonist’s Quest | March 3rd 10 AM- 1 PM SOLD OUT

pomfret library

Object of My Affection | February 27th 7 PM-8:30 PM UNLIMITED REGISTRATION