spring 2018

westport writers’ workshop

Pushing the Envelope | 8 Weeks Beginning April 3rd

Object of My Affection | Saturday, May 26th

the writer’s hotel conference

Teaching Assistant | June 6-12 |Midtown Manhattan

Lecture: Humor in Poetry| June 7th 1 PM | Starlight Loft at the Roger Smith Hotel

pomfret library

Dreams | April 26th

Love & Heartbreak | May 31st

fall 2018

WEstport writers’ workshop

Pushing the Envelope| TBA


winter 2018

westport writers’ workshop

Powerful Beginnings: How to Engage Your Reader | January 27th 10 AM- 1 PM SOLD OUT

The Protagonist’s Quest | March 3rd 10 AM- 1 PM SOLD OUT

pomfret library

Object of My Affection | February 27th 7 PM-8:30 PM UNLIMITED REGISTRATION